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Dear Visitors, Followers! We are pleased to inform you that our company is constantly growing, with our experience, knowledge, and machinery expanding rapidly. We would like to share a few words about some successful projects to help our future partners understand the kind of problems we can and want to solve, and to show the quality of our solutions through images.

In the first set of images, you can see a sensor carrier cart and its cover designed for a water management measuring station.

The dimensions of the rail system and sensors were given, and our task was to design and construct a carrier cart on which the sensors can be mounted, as well as a cover that provides sufficient physical protection for use in flowing water.

During the construction, we dealt with laser cutting and bending tasks in addition to design and CNC machining.

The second set of images shows a small series of parts production with special challenges.

The material posed difficulty and required experience since it was our first large-scale production where we had to machine a large amount of stainless steel.

Finally, we show some tables. In these cases, the table tops were made of table-top oak and walnut.


In one case, the customer ordered two tables with the request that one be used as a writing desk and the other as a dining table, but when put together, they could serve as an extension to create a 12-person dining table.


In another case, a walnut table with a more complex and unique base is shown.

We are constantly working on development and we are preparing a complete product line in the field of furniture manufacturing. We have already started designing and manufacturing the demo models. As a preview, I can say that we are taking this basic direction to the next level and are working on premium quality custom beds, tables, table legs, chairs, and cabinets.

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