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GLK Premium

Design and manufacturing of custom or even mass-produced furniture.

Dear Visitors,

One of the divisions of our company specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom or even mass-produced furniture. We exclusively create our furniture using solid wood and welded closed profiles, which currently represent a small portion of the global furniture market. During the design process, we place special emphasis on ensuring that our furniture not only provides a unique visual experience but also possesses adequate durability and stability.

We are entering the market with our own product line, which will initially include beds, tables, benches, bar stools, and vintage-style armchairs. However, our engineers are continuously working on designing new products and optimizing existing ones.

For orders or any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us via message.


The images on our website showcase the furniture we have already manufactured, and orders for these can be placed at any time via message. Prior to placing an order, we require a price quote request since the selection of wood species or the quality and type of upholstery (in the case of armchairs) greatly influence the price.

Enjoy browsing through our gallery!

Our dining tables embody the elements of industrial style, meaning that the table legs are welded from closed profiles, ensuring exceptional stability. You can choose from various designs of table legs, and of course, we can accommodate unique requests for different styles and shapes. Additionally, our selection is constantly expanding.

Our table tops are exclusively made from solid wood. Among the showcased images, you can currently find dining tables with Hungarian walnut, African black walnut, ash, and oak tops. Each wooden element is treated with oil, which enhances its natural appearance, durability, and potential for repair. It is also possible to achieve different shades within a particular wood species by using oils of various colors. The details of this can be discussed with the customer when placing an order.

Our prices are not generalized as they vary based on individual preferences. The design of the table legs, the size and thickness of the table top, the type of surface treatment, and the wood species are all influencing factors. Approximately, the prices of the tables shown in the pictures range from approximately 590 EUR to 1190 EUR.

When designing our beds, we placed the utmost emphasis on aesthetics, stability, and durability. The wooden casings and support elements are built on a welded and screwed base, making it nearly impossible to damage the structure. Even under static and dynamic loads, the frame will not weaken, and over time, neither water nor moisture will be able to damage any of its components. This is a significant advantage compared to beds made from particle board.


For our double beds, the central support element is supported by legs at three points, eliminating even the minimal chance of it breaking. The assembly process is very simple, requiring the attachment of 8 M10 screws in the appropriate places, allowing for the assembly of a large-sized double bed in as little as 15 minutes.

In the showcased images, we have ash and Hungarian walnut into the beds, and as with all our furniture, they are made entirely from solid wood. The surfaces are oiled, so if refurbishment is needed, a minimal sanding and re-oiling can completely restore the wood surface.

We manufacture beds for mattresses of all sizes, and upon request, we can create beds of any size and design. The prices of our beds, like all our other furniture, are influenced by several factors, but approximately, our double beds range from around 990 EUR to 1190 EUR, while our single beds start from 590 EUR.

The armchairs and seating sets in our selection also follow the industrial style, but they incorporate a vintage touch in their design and aesthetics.

The upholstered parts, built on a welded base, are tailored to meet the customer's preferences, including the choice of upholstery color, quality, and even the shape of the stitching pattern. Currently, we offer a few stitching styles, but we are also able to accommodate unique requests.

We have single-seater, two-seater, and corner seating options available.

When it comes to pricing, the quality of the upholstery and the stitching style are the determining factors. Therefore, we provide a customized quote based on specific requirements before placing an order.

Single-seater armchairs are available starting from 250 EUR.

Two-seater armchairs are available starting from 490 EUR.

Corner seating sets (4-5 persons) are available starting from 990 EUR.

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